Ralph de Jongh
Locatie: Projectruimte Zoete-broodjes - Witte de Withstraat 89 - Amsterdam
15.09.17 - 15.10.17 _______________________________________________________________________
My Friends no.36

RALPH DE JONGH - 'I want to cast your mother tongue'          

If you would ask me last year what my favorite drink is it would be a Scottish single malt whisky maybe because of it's caramel color, strong earthly tones that remind me of a misty autumn day in the forests, a mystic beverage with a syrupy liquid, a spectacle in a crystal glass, where the light and liquid sings a duet. A whisky that makes me long for dry sausage as dry as peat ground in Hatfield, a sausage if Chaim Soutine would be still alive he would eat every weekend. But if you would ask me now, what my favorite drink would be, it would be a cocktail full with dark fruit, undefinable herbs and a lot af sweetness, a sweetness that Mary Heilmann would make a detour on her way home. With a lot of ice so the glass would condensate like drops on fresh lettuce.

Ralph de Jongh lives and works in Haarlem. Co-founder and curator of the nomadic initiative Sugar Pop Institute. Education: AKI Enschede. In 2016 he received a scholarship young talent from the Mondriaan Fund.


Mondriaan Fonds
Project Space Zoete-Broodjesis a platform for contemporary art that provides solo presentations of artists with an experimental approach to the space.
In the series My Fiends the artist is given the opportunity to work two weeks prior to the exhibition.
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