Ralph de Jongh
Locatie: Projectruimte Zoete-broodjes - Witte de Withstraat 89 - Amsterdam
27.01.18 - 25.02.18 _______________________________________________________________________
My Friends no.38

PEDRO HERRERO FERAN - 'Grow Your Nose To Keep My Lies'          
Scrub the pores from all ordure and polish the silhouette until the remaining part of the sickened core does at the very least blur in an almost unperceivable remainder of a being!
“Grow Your Nose To Keep My Lies”
There are hints of light to grab, blurred by the roof that we built for ourselves. They must be forced to shine brighter than ever now. From within, all the way through the muck. I should perhaps find it convenient to fight against all disgust.
I am exclusively yours. Polite and silent blood-sucker! You, unsatisfied altruist!
Were you? Or was I?
A foreign smell enters to stay, promising a deliver of great joy. Or sorrow. Impregnating unavoidably the upholstery. After a shiny arrival, still leaks over the walls the taste of an unscrupulous threat of novelty and change. Or was it alien horror?
Filthy and rare, so sick and mine. Wash or dare such fickle shine:
Do fear this scare of capricious pride.
Tears are an effect of the hiatus in-between unexpected guests: saliva from a lasting thirst, sweat from an imminent fright. “Come into sight whom shall care and observe how time at this lonely spot has turned the hopeful and festive stares into an unconfident crowd of similar gestures, and solitary beds!”
Candid light shall find me high. Where wobbling peaks shove the flight.
Fall to ground and spit to find. A nourish for peckish, a drink to ash.
(Now plummets in bits into steady dust).

Project Space Zoete-Broodjesis a platform for contemporary art that provides solo presentations of artists with an experimental approach to the space.
In the series My Fiends the artist is given the opportunity to work two weeks prior to the exhibition.
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